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Bee Hive Duster
Professional grade tool for dusting bee hives to eliminate bees.  Easy to use.  Just add dust, close stopper and squeeze.  Includes clean out tool to prevent clogging.  Works great with Tempo Dust (see below)


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bee hive duster
Bee Hive Clean Out Knife
Durable steel blade with heavy duty rubber handle.  It is important to remove the honeycomb to rot, mildew, insect infestations, etc.  Don't ruin your expensive tools - this heavy-duty, low-cost bee tool is perfect for the job.  Also consider using a Pro-Zap Insect Guard  (see below) to keep bees away after you remove the hive.  Note: Blade size may vary slightly.


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bee hive cleanout knife
Bee Sting Wipes - 10 per box
Kills the pain from bee stings and other stinging insects.  Package of 10.  Easy to use.  Just tear open one of the individually wrapped wipes and swab the affected area.  Great idea to keep handy when dealing with bees.


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bee sting wipes
ProZap Insect Guard
Kills flying insects & crawling pests.  Easy to Use.  Simply remove from package to begin controlling action.  Long-lasting, round the clock protection.  After eliminating the bee colony, Insect Guard helps prevent other bees from returning to bee hive or a new bee colony from taking over the hive.  Download Prozap Label.    Download Prozap MSDS


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prozap insect guard - kills bees

Suspend SC 16oz Insecticide Concentrate
Suspend SC Insecticide Concentrate.  This professional grade pest control product works great for eliminating bees, yellowjackets, hornets and a variety of other household pests.  Makes 20 gallons when mixed at label rate of .03%. Download Suspend LabelDownload Suspend MSDS.  Read and follow label directions.  


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suspend insecticide kills bees

Tempo Bee Dust - 1.25 lb
Tempo Dust formulation contains one of the most effective compounds available for quick knockdown and long-term residual control of bees, wasps, hornets, ants and cockroaches, among numerous other pests. Tempo Dust is the dust we recommend for any type of bee, wasp or hornet control that requires the use of an insecticide dust.  Professional Grade.  Active ingredient is Cyfluthrin.  Large 1.25 pound container is an ample supply.  Consider purchasing the Bee Hive Duster (above)  for more effective application of Tempo Dust.   After eliminating the bees, use the Bee Knife (above) to clean up the mess.  Read & follow label directions. Download Tempo Dust Label.   Download Tempo Dust MSDS.


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delta dust kills bee hives

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