Keys to Using a Bee Suit Correctly


  1.  Start with a good quality


  1. Put the suit on properly.  Ensure all zippers are zipped.  Ensure gloves overlap sleeves.  Ensure snug fit around ankles.  Make sure there are no gaps or openings in the that bees can enter.  If there is a way in, bees WILL find it.  Inspect yourself and your suit BEFORE approaching bees.


  1. Have a plan.   Know what you are going to do when approaching bees.  Have a backup plan in case you need to exit.   With aggressive (or Africanize) honey bees, it is not uncommon to be covered in thousands of bees.  Have a clear path of retreat, if needed.


  1. Don’t panic.  This is how people get stung.


  1. Remember the veil.  The allows you to see but bees can sting through it. Do not allow the veil to get too near your face.  This can happen when people panic.  See #4 above.