Bee Suit - Understanding How It Works

Bee suits prevent bee stings in several ways. First, they are manufactured from a white or light colored material which does not provoke an attack unlike the dark coloring of the bees’ natural enemies, bears, raccoon and badger.

Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby in its own right and also a potentially lucrative business as well. Most people consider the risks involved and shy away from the creatures that can inflict a painful and, in some cases, deadly sting. Still many people enjoy the interaction with these intelligent and industrious creatures.

For most people, from inexperienced novices to veteran beekeepers, avoiding a bee sting is of paramount importance. Some shrug off the pain as slight but others claim that it never gets any easier. Fortunately, man has developed a solution to this particular problem, the bee suits.

Older, traditional bee suits were originally constructed of heavy layers of padding that attempted to completely stop the penetration of the bee stings. The worked well but were unwieldy and extremely hot in even average temperatures. In addition, the areas around the hands were usually left unprotected because the material did not allow for enough freedom of movement.

Modern suits are lightweight and extremely baggy. They are far more comfortable and rely on the space between the beekeeper and the material do keep the bees at bay. The suits are usually constructed in one piece with a front zipper seal and the neck, wrist and leg cuffs are Velcro-sealed to thwart any attempted intrusions by the bees. Sturdy boots, canvas gloves and a beekeeper’s hat and veil complete the suit.

The hat and veil combination is extremely important as it protects you head and face. It works on the same principle as the suit and, thus, should be loose fitting to keep the bees from stinging your scalp or face.

The purchase of a properly fitted and durable beekeeping suit is a wise investment. It allows anyone to enjoy the hobby or business of beekeeping without any fears of being stung.