Bee Suit - Your Protection Against Stings, You Need to Have It!

You have got to have a bee suit for protection against stings! There is no getting around it. Working with bees and wasps can be a very painful job. Forgetting to suit up is not a great idea. Bees’ attack anyone whom they feel may be a threat to their natural environment. The parts of the body they go for are the areas which are not properly protected. This is why wearing bee suits is necessary and recommended. The bee keeping suit may look like a space suit, but it provides a safety barrier against insect stings. Bees cannot penetrate the material that the suits are made from.

The jumpsuit bee suit with the elastic or Velcro bands around the wrists and ankles are the most popular suit to purchase. Bees will find it impossible to enter inside a suit that offers no point of entry. Gloves are also a necessary part of the bee keeping suit that should not be ignored or left behind. They protect the fingers, the palm and the entire hand from bee stings. It is difficult to collect honey with swollen hands. When bees cannot get to these areas they look for other places to attack such as the face.

This may explain why they always go for the head. Bees are attracted to dark areas.They leave their stinger in their victim and cause them great pain. This is the main reason why wearing a headpiece and a face veil is crucial for bee keepers. Bees have no thought about going inside the mouth and stinging the tongue, nor do they second guess about attacking the nose, ears or eyes.

They normally attack the forehead if it is exposed. If you have an allergic reaction to bee stings you cannot afford not to wear a bee suit. Bee suits offer the ultimate protection against aggressive and fierce bees. Wearing short jacket bee suits is not recommended because bees can easily enter from underneath the suit and attack their victim. Once bees gets inside it is almost impossible to get them out before they have made their mark.

When picking out the perfect bee suit be sure to choose light or white colored suits. Bees find these colors to be none threatening. Never wear dark colors around bees such as navy blue or black. These colors are war colors to bees and they will attack!