Bee Suit would have saved his life!

Bee suitwould have saved his life!  A Miami man was found dead in his house with his body surrounded by about 60,000 swarming bees.  

The 49-year-old man had been renovating a house and authorities believe that he found a bee infestation in the walls and tried to exterminate them himself with store-bought foggers.  This guy should have used a bee suit!

Beesuits do not present a target for attack.  Bees and other stinging insects usually aim for darker areas as opposed to lighter ones. Dark colors, such as brown, may cause bees to think you are a mammal (e.g., bear, skunk, etc.) looking for their honey.  As such, white bee suits present less of a target than colored ones. Bees also tend to aim for the mask more often than any other part of the suit, due to its darker color.