Bee Suits – Proper Selection

Proper bee suits have several major components. All of the pieces of a bee suit work together to keep bee keepers safe from stings. Without the proper protection, an inexperienced bee keeper would receive many stings and perhaps even need hospitalization.The most important and useful component is the veil. It is common to all bee suits. Veils are large and boxy so that a bee keeper can easily turn his or her head inside it and the face is covered with a mesh screen so that the bee keeper can see clearly. The veil protects the face and neck of the bee keeper so that he or she does not receive stings in these regions. Since the skin on a person's face is more delicate and sensitive than it is on other areas of the body, the veil is considered necessary for all bee keepers no matter how experienced they are.The body of a bee suit is made from a thick white material that bee stingers cannot penetrate. Bee suits are typically loose-fitting so that beekeepers can put them on over their other clothing and move easily. The arms and legs of a bee keeping suit always have elastic or drawstring closures so that a bee cannot sneak its way into a suit. If a bee gets inside a suit, it is very likely to sting a bee keeper out of frustration about being trapped.Gloves and boots are also needed to properly complete a bee suit. While some bee keepers decide to risk going without gloves after several years of experience, novice bee keepers should always include gloves in their attire. However, a bee keeper should never attempt to tend bees without sturdy boots. A good bee suit should have pant legs that can be tucked into any pair of boots so that no parts of the bee keeper's ankles or feet are exposed. Bee keepers often wear their own boots if they already have good thick ones, but the best beekeeping boots are light in color like the rest of the suit so that they are not a target to bees.When buying a bee suit for the first time, it is important to ensure that all of these components are included in the suit. If one attempts to tend bees without a proper bee suit, the results could be painful!