Bee suits, a Top Priority in Beekeeping

There are several tips that can help you recognize as well as avoid common problems in beekeeping. One of the most common problems with beekeeping is bee stings. The best protection to avoid bee stings is to wear appropriate clothing and if possible a specific bee suit. Bee suits will definitely protect you from bee stings. Make sure that if you have been stung, you must wash and dry your clothes thoroughly before wearing them again. Bees release a specific pheromone that when they sting would remain within the fabric of your clothes. If the clothes are worn again without being washed, the pheromone will attract any bees nearby to sting you as they will now regard you as a threat.  Wearing dark clothing will increase your risk of bee stings and so light color clothes are a must. White color is recommended. Bee suits can be washed in the washing machine with the veil removed. The veil can be soaked separately in washing soda. Regarding the veil color, it should not be dark. It should be transparent to avoid bee stings. Remember, bees are attracted to dark colors.  You should be careful with your face and neck since bee stings are more painful in these areas than any part of the body and it is more difficult to remove since you cannot remove bee stings from your face without the aid of a mirror.
New beekeepers are often sold long leather gloves – resist buying these! These are lovely and soft the first time you wear them, but soon get covered in propolis and become hard and stiff. They are also un-hygienic compared to disposable latex gloves! If you want extra protection the latex gloves can be worn over leathers.  Also, the gloves should be properly sized that when worn, bees can’t penetrate inside. The same thing goes for the boots to be worn with the long pants or full body suit. For more information on comfortable and durable bee suits, get in touch with us now Bee Suits Cheap.

Here is a helpful tip; you must work quickly but without using jerky movements. If your intrusion is kept to a minimal time frame, the bees will not be alarmed and you will be able to accomplish your work without getting stung. Portable bee smokers are a must for a beginner and as it helps to keep the bees calm.  Some of the bees may be alarmed by the smoke and may release pheromones but the smoke masks the pheromones which prevents widespread alarm. This is one of the many beekeeping tips that should not be ignored, especially when you are a beginner as it will go a long way in preventing a full scale attack.

It is really essential to have a defense in beekeeping. Protective clothing will definitely contribute to your success raising bee hives for more honey. The more protected you are, the more you enjoy working with your bees. Whether you are a beginner or already an expert, you are welcome to visit our website {$company). We will be pleased to hear your concerns on bee suits and we assure you that we will help you solve your problem. Try us now!