Beekeeper Clothing - The Proper Way To Suit Up For Beekeeping

Beekeeper clothing (bee suits) have a right way and a wrong way to suit up for beekeeping. The wrong way will lead to a painful and unforgettable experience. Beekeeper clothing (beesuit) and their accessories should be properly worn at all times. The proper way to suit up is to put on a loose fitting beekeeping suit with elastic bands around the wrists and ankles. This keeps the bees from entering inside the suit. Bees will normally travel where there is an opening. Some bee suits contain Velcro fasteners that are easy to adjust around the ankles and the wrists.

When the bee suit is properly worn it is an effective barrier from bee and wasp stings. However, the best defense from bee stings comes from the type of material the suit is made from. Some suits are made from polyester and cotton and they make feel like everyday clothing. However, the main objective of the bee suit is to protect the beekeeper.  One important factor to remember is to never wear a tight fitting bee suit.

Suits that cling to the skin are a personal invite for bee stings. Clothing should be loose fitting or baggy at the least. Baggy suits prevent the bees from penetrating the cloth and reaching the skin. This is why gloves are important part of the beekeeper outfit as well. Bees will sting anyone, anytime, and on any area of the body. Hands are very sensitive and are prone to insect bites just like any other part of the body.

The same is true for the hat and the veil. Properly suiting up to work with bees prevents them from injuring the face area. Bees will go inside the nose, the mouth, the ears and the eyes. Any place they can fly into is a place for them to embed their stinger; the neck collar should not be loose. The head veil keeps these parts of the body safe; especially, the forehead.  For some reason bees love to sting individuals in the head. This can cause severe soreness and swelling.

Since colors play a large part in attracting and discouraging bees, the bee suits should light or white in color. Wearing dark colors only make them aggressive and prone to attack. This may explain why bees attack the head and the eyes of people with dark hair and eye features. Bee suits should not be colorful, inviting or uncomfortable.