Beekeeping Suit - The Key to Safely Handling Bees

Using a beekeeping suit is essential if you raise bees. It may seem bulky at first but its better to be safe than sorry if things get nasty. You never know when a bee situation can develop into a swarm. So many african bees are mixing with honey bees and producing changes in the bee population. So its best to opt on the side of safety.

Another good thing to do when checking on your bees after you put on the bee suit, is to use smoke to dull the bees senses and make them sleepy. Many beekeepers do this regularly to make removing honey less confrontational.

Bee suits come in a variety of styles these days but they are always white in color. The reason for this is that bees are attracted to color and will leave white alone. So do not order your bee suit in red or you will be covered in bees.

Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby to acquire. Having a sunny wild flower meadow nearby or a cherry orchard perhaps makes delicious honey to collect. The trick to doing this is to remember to smoke them first and then open the bee boxes gradually as they can cling to the underside of the lid. Smoke again when it is open while you are removing the honeycombs to check. Be careful to not drip the honey on the beesuit itself as that will attract bees to you later. And always leave some honey so that the bees will not decide to move away suddenly. Do not strip out all of the honeycomb as this will anger the bees. Remember they have worked many hours on gathering and producing this honey. Take only what you need and then carefully close the lid before they wake up.

Also, a good idea is to move the bee boxes to different parts of the field regularly so that the bees don't go to far away from them when they roam. They will strip the pollen from nearby flowers and will need more so moving the boxes after smoking them and later in the day will provide ample pollen for making delicious honey.