Central Texas Honey Bee Suit Rescue

Central Texas Honey Bee Suit Rescue and Preserve 512.914.0123 

centraltexasbeerescue(at)yahoo.com Central Texas Bee Rescue is a non-profit organization that removes bees from people's house or land for free, relying on donations to fund their work. 

They wear Texas Bee Suits. This is especially valuable to: the elderly people who are allergic to bees and families with children The bees are safely removed without being destroyed and moved to a bee farm where they can still make honey and we can reap the benefits of the honey bee.

Educational Services In the Press Central Texas Bee Rescue and Preserve is dedicated to saving and protecting the future of our nation's bee population. We want to become the extermination alternative, so that we can Save our Honey Bees! We feed, house, and continue to nurture the bees as we raise them out on our farm. We have harvesting projects for soap, candle, and chapstick production as well as honey and bee pollen. Our focus is to put a great percentage of our profits into scientific research and education. http://honeybeekind.com/