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"I have never had better service, even in person than I was given by BeeSuitsCheap. My wife bought it for me as a surprise, I had a minor problem with it (which I could have lived with) and I really needed a size larger. After contacting them, Andrew insisted on taking care of the problem immediately. I am 110% satisfied with the suit and especially the service. I would not hesitate to buy from then again."
Rick Storman,
Groveland, FL




Bee Suits Cheap - Customer Satisfaction Reporting


Thank you to all our customers that participated in our 2-question survey.  We received 100 responses.  Here are the results, verbatim.


Question 1:   Would you refer us to your friends?


Yes:                 86.9 %

No:                  3.0 %

Don’t Know:   10.1 %


Question 2:   Why?


Our favorite response:


1.  No, I don't have friends nor bees 


2.Good, quick service, answered questions quickly and got us a refund on the shipping when it wasn't sent priority after that was paid for. 

3.Straightforward, easy ordering. Good selection for the price. 

4.easy and simple to use your website. 

5.good products good price 

6.ease of ordering 

7.I bought the suit for a Halloween costume. If i knew someone that needed it sure. 

8.Your people handled our order address change very well. Quite responsive. Joan (the suite user) hasn't filled me in yet on how well the suites fit and work so I can't yet say anything about the quality. Thanks anyway for your help! Doug McIntyre 

 9.good pricing 

10.because they are affordable and they are designed well.

11.haven't used it yet 

12.very good service,everything was perfect 

13.The suit is of great quality and arrived quickly at a great price. I have recommended you to fellow beekeepers. 

14.good service,price and product 

15.because it works 

16.Good quality and good prices price. fast shipping. great service and selection.  18.Good service and very prices 

19.Quick and easy. 

20.They are great!

21.product works but a little pricey lower costs 

22.don't have friends that would be interested in getting a bee suit, called to confirm order, very fast 

24.Not cheapest 

25.good suit reasonable price 

26.product is good and the service was ex. 

27.Good service. 

28.didn't comparison shop on the suit I bought. Delivery was prompt however and I would definitely shop with you again  

29.Haven't used the product yet to see how good it is. I just received it yesterday. should wait a few days/weeks before sending out a survey if you want a true answer. 

30.Because of your good service, and high quality product. 

31.The products are of high quality and were sent promptly to me. 

32.satisfied with the order i made... quality products at reasonable prices. 

33.the product you sell is of very good quality and it surpassed my expectations thanks 

34.very easy website 

35.although i haven’t used my suit; it seems to be what i expected (but smaller than i thought it would be

36.It was exactly what I wanted in protection from bees that unexpectedly gathered around me and the tractor while I was shreading. 

37.Good product. But when I put the addresses in I was only offered two forms. One said address and the other said billing address, if different. Well I wanted it shipped to my son in a different town. I didn't want it billed to a different address. So in the special instructions I asked that it be sent to my son's address. But they shipped to me and I had to pay to have shipped to my son. You need to read the special instructions section and you need to change your form to allow all three. Regular address, billing address (if needed) and different shipping address. Hope this helps you give better service in the future. GP

  (Note: we called GP, apologized for our error and reimbursed him for the shipping.  He is very happy - BeeSuitsCheap)

38.Suit was fine, shipping took much longer than expected! 

39.beeeeecuz I had no problem with my purchase and was happy with the product and the bees can't even get inside and sting me which is a good thing and why I bought it. Thank you very much Bee Suits for providing such a quality product at such a bargain so even I can afford to not be stung while keeping to my bees. (a very happy, well dressed beekeeper) 

40.Good product and fast service 

41.good price and good quality.... 

42.Got the suit. Its great. My wife loves it (she's the beekeeper) what more is there to say. thanks 

43.Reasonable prices, good quality suit, helpful email pre-sales support. 

44.Bee suite worked great! The bumble bees attacked but couldn't get to me. I got a little pay back from about a dozen painful stings the first time. Needless to say, the bees are gone. 

45.Great suit for the money and it really keeps you safe ! 

46.great quality and inexpensive. 

47.good products, good prices, easy to us web page 

49.Because the products are quality, the prices are appropriate and the customer service is satisfactory. 

50.I personally know the person who runs the site and know them to be of outstanding character, and that his products are of good quality and his customers seem to like the product (i.e. minimal to no returns, complaints, etc.). was a good product , and be'ing alergi. had to have something they cant get it to. thaks. Dean CEO Cavely's pest Control. 

52.good and quick response. my customer seems to be very pleased with product. Wed,

53.The suit has been helpful to us and the price was reasonable. 

54.Simple, inexpensive, quality

55.Because I've been attacked twice while wearing the suit without a single sting. Wed,'s exactly as described on the site, reasonable price, and fast delivery. Thank you.


58.Good products 

59.the order was delivered timely. the products appear to be of high quality. Professional. 

60.Best price for a bee suit. Suit I ordered has worked well for me. 

61.Good prices

62.I will know better after I get my order, but so far the products look to be high quality and the service was good. 

63.Quality product & fast delivery! 

64.Too expensive

65.never heard of bee suits cheap 

66.Quality products, reasonable prices, and great service. 

67.service went with no problems at all 

68.good service 

69.We are happy with out suit so far. No problems and it has worked well. 

70.why not 

71.I'm happy with the one I have. 

72.Good prices, good service and good product! 

73.Prompt Service, good price, good product. 

74.Love my bee suit! It was cheaper to buy the suit & pay shipping for it than to have a critter company come out and spray my hornet nest. I liked being to buy the complete suit (hat, gloves, etc.) as a package for one price. Thanks! 

75.No reason why not. 

76.Did what you said you would do 

77.I love my bee suit! I wore it just the other day. The only thing is I would make the mesh stronger on the mask because I have already torn it in the brush. Thanks, J Hoffman

78.ordering was easy and was processed quickly

79.The suit was perfectly designed and priced well.

80.Quick service at the best price, win win for my company Jim T Lancaster,

81.not used it long enough and it was hard for me to get it to take my credit card. Wed,

82.Quality and price 

83.really nice service. I ordered a set of gloves with the suit, which already included gloves, and received a phone call letting me know that I may have accidentally ordered 2 pairs of gloves. nice people. 

84.Fast, easy, good quality, and totally painless from start to finish. Pricing is good. 

85.becase the good customer service I have receive I will like other to do so as well.

86.It's cheap. 

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