Why don't you post an 800 number?

    We used to.  We needed to keep a full time employee available to answer phones.  We reassigned the employee to other duties, put the answers to 90% of the questions we received through the 800 number in this FAQ and used the savings to lower the price of all our bee suits.  You can see the savings in the prices of our our suits on this site.  If you have a question, not answered in this FAQ, 
please contact us.  We will get back to you promptly.  Thank you for understanding, and helping keep our prices CHEAP.


Why does the store & my receipt say "Quality Equipment & Spray"?
    Quality Equipment & Spray is our professional pest control equipment company.  Bee Suits Cheap is a division of Quality Equipment.  We use the same store and credit card processing account to keep bee suits prices CHEAP.

Do the bee suits work for hornets, wasps and yellow jackets?

What size suit should I purchase?
    We recommend you buy at least a size larger than your normal clothes.  You are better off with a suit that is too large rather than too small.  There are two reasons for this.  First, the bee suit is normally worn over your clothes.  Second, you want room to move easily.  If you get into a tricky situation with bees, you need to be able to retreat.  Our suits will protect against bees, but that doesn't mean you want to be remain covered in them.

Your prices are very low.  Are these good quality suits?
Absolutely.  Our bee suits are top quality and have been used by beekeepers and pest control experts all over the world.  We have sold thousands of suits and have never had a suit returned for quality reasons.  In fact, you can find identical suits at much higher prices in other locations.  The primary difference between us and the others is that we work hard to eliminate overhead and past the savings on to you.  Thats why we are Bee Suits Cheap.

What is the largest size you have available?

Classic Hooded Bee Jackets largest size: 3XL    

Deluxe Bee Suit Complete largest size: 4XL

Classic Hooded Bee Suit largest size: 5XL.

Can you provide custom sizes?
    Sorry, no we cannot.  In order to keep our costs and prices low, we sell lots of suits in a few sizes.

Do you have kids sizes available?
    Sorry, no we do not.  In order to keep our costs and prices low, we sell lots of suits in a few sizes.

Where do you ship from?
    We ship from Phoenix, AZ, USA.

What is your shipping policy?
   We currently ship Fedex Ground Service (from Phoenix AZ) to street addresses within the 50 United States.  We currently do not ship internationally or to the U.S. territories.
  To calculate shipping timeframe, click on this link, then enter 85021 as the Ship From Zip Code.  Rush shipping is available at an additional charge.  Please advise us via email of your requirements.  Got a question?  Email us.

I have a charge from Quality Equip & Sp on my credit card statement.  Why?
    Your charge from our store will show up on your credit card statement as "Quality Equip Sp".  This is the name of our pest control equipment & supply store.  We use the same credit card merchant account to keep costs low.

Do you charge sales tax?
  We only charge sales tax to orders shipped to Arizona.

I don’t have a bee problem; what else could use a bee suit for?

  Bee suits are purchased by al types of people for many reasons.  We’ve found that are suits are used by bee keepers, pest control professionals, farmers & ranchers, property owners, gardeners, etc.  Our suits are also used for a clever and unique HALLOWEEN COSTUME.  We’d love to hear about what you think and how you use our quality bee suits and products.  Please contact us with your stories and ideas.  We’ll post the best ones.





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