My Beekeeping Suit and My Friendly Bees

In a full bee suit, beekeepers are protected from stings as they safely harvest the extra honey the hive has produced. Ripe honey has a long shelf life, or harvest honey comb while working inside the safety of your beekeeping suit.A worker bee's single minded focus as they forage for nectar and pollen, has always been interesting to me. We often work side by side, me pulling weeds as they busily feed. Calm and non-threatening, the marvel's of the honeybee never ceases to amaze. The female worker bee builds the hive, cools it by beating their wings at the hives entrance, cleans and protects their home as well. They turn the food they have harvested into honey for the hive's winter survival.The beekeeper suit consists of several pieces, arguably the most important being the hat and veil.1) Beekeeper's Suit2) Hat    3) Veil4) Gloves5) Though not something you wear, a smoker is also important to the beekeeper. A little puff of smoke at the entrance of the hive helps keep the bees calm and allows easy access to the hive.The beekeeper's suit is usually white. This color is non threatening to the bees, and won't frighten them or cause them to attack. Being comfortable working around the bees is important. Knowing they won't see you as a threat is helpful to your peace of mind and makes it a more enjoyable experience.  While not mandatory, a full suit will keep you from being stung, or a bee making it inside your clothing. A hat and veil are mandatory to protect the most sensitive skin on your face and neck from stings. Avoid the older veils with netting in the back. These can allow a sting to connect in places such as on the back of your neck. Look for a fabric backed hat and veil combination. These look similar to an astronauts helmet. Gloves round out the perfect bee suits for personal protection. Beekeeper gloves come in economical plastic coated, canvas or  leather. Though an experienced beekeeper may choose to work without gloves, they offer protection for novices and all who would rather be safe than sorry.Bees are friendly and cooperative insects. Protecting yourself from stings with a bee keeping suit will guarantee a much more pleasurable interaction with your bees as you manage their hive.