Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Bee Suits

Are you interested in beekeeping?   Does taking care of bees sound appealing to you? If you are thinking of getting into beekeeping, bee suits must be the number one thing in the list of purchases. It is a great business to start.  Beekeeping has many blessing for us. Through these bees our gardens are pollinated thus providing us fruits and vegetables and the best of all, it gives us sweet natural honey. Considering these blessings, we might overlook the importance of beekeeping suits. Aside from being a blessing, beekeeping can be dangerous and could be lethal for those who are allergic to bee stings. Even for normal healthy person excessive bee stings can be lethal. For this reason, we are suggesting smart tips for you to choose the right bee suits:

•    The first key is to look at good clothing. It should be made from a strong, thick, and either light colored or white material. Dark colors are associated with  predators which will cause honey bees to release defensive hormones known as pheromones. Pheromones make the bees more aggressive.
•    Beekeeper clothing should be made from a breathable woven tight material and should be loosely fitted to prevent stinger bees to penetrate the material and get into the skin. The material should be rather heavy duty and you should wear thick clothing underneath.
•    Look for a long sleeve protective coat to cover your arms and a pant to cover your legs. The protective coat should be worn loosely to avoid easy penetration of bee stings.
•    Match the bee suit with a beekeeper hat made of canvass in a light or white color.  It should have a wide rim around the edge of the hat which should have a hanging veil made of transparent netting to cover your face and other parts of your head. The bottom of the veil should have a drawstring that can be tighten around the collar of your protective coat to ensure bees cannot penetrate.

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