Texas A&M University Honey Bee Suit Information

There are many excellent sources of honey bee biology information posted on the internet. It is not our intention to duplicate those efforts.  Bee suits are recommended when dealing with Texas honey bees.Our first of objective is to provide quick & easy-to-read information for urgent honey bee problems on the Bee Safety Quick Guide and Bee Proof Your Property pages.  Texas beesuits protect against bee stings.We have posted answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions sent to us over many years. This is a work in progress and will change as your questions change. Before you contact us, check to see if your question has been asked and answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you need to ask a different question then click on Contact to send us an email. We read all your messages and answer them in order of urgency.Texas is among the largest in the USA for number of members belonging to state and/or local beekeeper association organizations. You will find a link to the Texas Beekeepers Association and its local clubs on the Beekeeper Links page. If you are a new or veteran beekeeper you are strongly encouraged to join the Texas Beekeepers Association and the local beekeeper club in your area. A link to the Texas Apiary Inspection Service is also provided for Texas beekeepers seeking regulatory information.Many of the questions we receive come from outside Texas, so we have provided links to beekeepers in your state (at least the ones we could find) on the Beekeeper Links page.


source: http://honeybee.tamu.edu/