Understanding the Beekeeping Suit

Beekeeping suits are an integral part of any bee keeper's tool kit.  Even the most gentle and graceful bee keeper can become the target of a defensive bee's painful sting without the proper gear. The right bee suit keeps a protective barrier between the beekeeper and the hive's inhabitants so that the apiary can be maintained properly, the bees can be tended to as needed, and delicious honey can be harvested - all with as little harm to bee - or beekeeper - as possible.Bee Suits Need To Prevent Bee StingsBees can find their way into the smallest of openings and once trapped, a sting is almost inevitable. The less entrances there are, the less apt a bee is to find its way in. A one-piece suit is preferable to pant/jacket style suits. Beekeeping suits are usually designed with Velcro and/or elastic closures at the wrists/ankles to prevent bees from entering. A good bee suit should fit loosely so that stingers can't make their way through to the beekeeper's skin. The veil should  attach to the body of the suit in order to avoid  aforementioned bee entrances.  There's nothing more agitating than a bee buzzing between your face and the inside of your veil so a good suit also utilizes Velcro or zippers to seal the space between the veil and the neck/chest of the suit.Bee Suits Need To Be ComfortableComfort is essential when purchasing a bee suit. Bees are very sensitive to the moods of their resident beekeeper.  If you are hot, frustrated, or uncomfortable, your bees are likely to become agitated in response.  A good beekeeping suit is made of a light cotton or nylon material to keep you cool and allow you to move around easily. Sleeves should be long enough to cover the wrists of your gloves, and pants should be long enough to cover the tops of your boots.  Make sure the suit has secure closures at the wrists and ankles so stray bees can't make their way inside.Bee Suits Need To Be Light ColoredBees become more aggravated around dark colors and rough materials because they resemble predators, such as bears and skunks.  Bees are less threatened by beekeepers in light colored suits with smooth exterior surfaces.  Light colors also help to keep you cool.A comfortable beekeeping suit is a worthwhile investment which will allow you to spend countless hours observing the awe-inspiring world of bees.