Why You Should Wear Bee Suits

Are you really prepared to be a beekeeper? Whether you are new or already a veteran in beekeeping, you definitely need a beekeeper suit. Stings from bees are dangerous especially if you have allergies to them.  Although veterans believe that the more stings a beekeeper receives, the less discomfort each one will cause to the system in the long term. They think that it is necessary for the beekeeper to be stung a few times during the season. Having regular bee stings, the beekeeper builds increased levels of antibodies due to the reaction of the bee venom which in turn offers them a resistance to stings in the foreseeable future. It is important to have a defense to ensure safety and productivity.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in beekeeping, you definitely need a bee suit and Bee Suits Cheap can help you in your selection for your comfort and convenience in your beekeeping. Following are some criteria you need to look for when you are buying one:
•    Bee suits either pants with a jacket or a full body suit should be made from a light, comfortable breathable blend of cotton and polyester for comfort, long-term durability and minimal shrinkage. It should also be washable. The protective clothing is generally light colored but not colorful. This provides the maximum differentiation from the colony’s natural predators (bears, skunks, et.) which tend to be dark colored and furry.
•    Gloves should be made from a strong material like tough cowhide and ventilated canvas to provide full protection for both hands and arms. Though some veteran beehive keepers do not wear gloves since they feel they are cumbersome and they think it is very hard to handle the hive with the gloves. But if you have  allergies to bees, whether you are a novice or a veteran beekeeper, we suggest you wear gloves.
•    Boots should be made from durable material like leather and should be high enough (up to your knee is recommended) to protect your legs and feet.
•    A veil should be breathable and color must be transparent. Avoid dark colored nets since this will attract bees and will initiate a bee attack. When combined with the hat it should be held by a metal ring. Make sure there are no gaps in the veil so that bees could not get inside.
•    Hats should be comfortable and practical. The beekeeper hat is an essential part of your personal protection so you need to be comfortable wearing them.

It is imperative that you choose well-designed, correctly sized and comfortable beekeeping suits. It will be best to purchase before going into beekeeping since buying a bee suit maybe a life saving event for you especially if you are susceptible to bee venom reactions. Go for the heavier suits since these are usually accompanied with sturdier assemblage. Call us now! Bee Suits Cheap is always available to help you.